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Our umbrella organization is called New Business America, LLC. (NBA) Different subdivisions of NBA support our outreach to differing industries that require unique approaches to their marketing and sales needs. Our DEC International division specializes in construction centric information while NBA is more agnostic in its approach and services the broader business to business environment with some of the very same databases used by DEC as well an entirely different set of databases that expands our reach and capacity.

NBA helps its subscribers marry resources with capacity. Resources can be thought of as containing the universe of information, contacts, opportunities and past history. Capacity is an individual company’s ability to utilize the resources available in a productive and profitable manner…in essence, to be able to make use of our information. NBA and its affiliates are dedicated to the proposition that the best information and intelligence is useless if not put in context. It is our role to understand the capacity of each of our subscribers and help them assimilate the proper information at the right time.

With a dedicated staff of reporters, researchers, database experts and others; NBA is perhaps the best positioned company in the industry to help your company achieve its sales objectives. Call or contact us today for a free, no obligation review of your company’s capacity to grow. If we can’t help you, you have lost nothing. However, if you know you want to grow and can’t discern how to accomplish your objectives, give us a call today to see what you are missing.

NBA primarily serves the State of Georgia with the most broadly derived growth and development information available anywhere. Almost all of the data we collect is uniquely collected, collated and made available to subscribers in an easy to use format that promotes true market understanding. It’s more than just the numbers!

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