The B to B (Business to Business) sector is red hot. Pent up demand for goods and services hasn’t been this good for years.  Business formations are up and deals are being made. Small business is where it’s at. With big businesses impossible to access and difficult to close, everyone is trying to tap the small business market. But, how are you going to find that business? That’s our business, we can help.

New Business America (NBA) is the true small business sales genie here in Atlanta. For over 20 years we’ve identified small business prospects that are selling opportunities for you. Companies not on anyone’s radar screen are on ours. Each week we uncover 200-350 unique business opportunities which we find research and publish. Banks, copier companies, credit card processors, CPA’s, POS, insurance companies and many more depend on our weekly leads to obtain first mover advantage in their area of expertise.

NBA provides a variety of different delivery and access methods including email, web access and our newest mobile solution PAL (Personal Assistant Leads) that allows you to simply touch your tablet screen and see new leads within a radius of your current or typed in location.

NBA helps you identify a market we refer to as “Just in Time Leads” where the new company is in a formative stage and needs lots of services during that first year of business. Besides new businesses we also target businesses that are expanding to a new location, moving and have other statuses that make them excellent candidates for you to sell into.

Because we look for these leads every day you don’t have to. We always provide full contact information, the activity going on at the business, i.e. warehouse, office, etc. and estimates of size or volume among other pieces of information. We call over a thousand businesses a week to bring you the researched leads in our report. NBA understands your needs, particularly the various pulls on your time. We can save you hours each week! Give us a try while you are thinking about it now.

For more information or for access to our database of information call us today at (770) 578-0025 and dial ext. 101 to speak to Maxine Arena.

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