The gulf between raw data and actionable information is huge. New Business America. (NBA)  Over and over subscribers tell us that they spend money on business intelligence products that they cannot tie to a return on investment. NBA services are unique in the industry in immediately understanding that problem and providing a way for Managers to know at a glance whether leads are followed up on and their status. All NBA services have four features in common:

  1. The best information available at the right time
  2. A platform (either Apple Tablet or Android Tablet) to display our data and to mine opportunities
  3. Feedback that comes from two way communication between the tablet device and other users and managers
  4. Access to granular information appropriate for your unique business. Salami slices through the tablet and optional access to historical information for campaigns and deeper analysis when you want it.

Think of our business-to-business information as your track to run on each day. Ideally suited for support of geographic territories where a salesperson habitually needs to know what’s new and upcoming in his/her specific geographic area. Our various business-to-business services support individuals and companies involved in route sales, situations that require first mover advantage and particularly territory limited salespeople facing significant competition.

NBA is well versed in the intricacies of making good information actionable. Our subscribers rely on us to provide that famous sales funnel that we all hear about but sometimes are not really prepared to fill. With an integrated feedback loop resident in our tablet services, knowing that you are achieving an excellent ROI is made much easier.

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