What do you really want in a commercial leads service? Do you want to know about every public sector project or every high rise in the pipeline? What exactly is your target market? For more than 20 years, no one has targeted the small to medium sized private commercial sector like us. Let’s start with what’s important. Can you find private sector projects that your company can perform with your present service or is it filled with lots of “fluff” that just wastes your time? Our Project Facts (early planning) and Bid Facts (out for bid and negotiated/invited bidder) services beat the competition where it counts…we have actionable projects the other guys don’t. This is our home market and we have the home field advantage. That is what is in it for our members. Here are a few things to consider when hiring a partner like us to provide your warm leads:

  1. “How long have they been serving my market?” We’ve been serving many of the same members since 1991 throughout the Georgia market!
  2. “Who are there researchers and how experienced are they? In essence, do they know what they are talking about?” Our researchers average 15 plus years with us. They know the market, our systems and our customers. This means you will be able to rely on what we tell you.
  3. “How accessible are researchers to me if I have a question?” We believe that we are the only people in the business where you can pickup the phone or email us a question and someone in research will promptly respond. What could access like that be worth to you?
  4. “Is the service timely and easy to use?” Studies continually show that our website is the fastest in the industry and is easy to use by design. The features you really need are there and the other bells and whistles…well, they just slow you down. We constantly are adjusting to our members requests and needs. Again, we are accessible!
  5. “You guys must be super expensive!” You’d think that the best one-on-one experience in the business would cost a lot more, but we are highly competitive and most members re-up with us year after year.
  6. “Is this the right service for me?” Because we have so many different and sometimes overlapping services, only your NBA representative can advise you on exactly what the right service(s) are. Our competitors will try and sell you on what they have because that’s all they have to sell. Only NBA can cover you from two years before construction commencement to after move in offering services that fit your specific needs.

Most of our subscribers don’t have a dedicated research or marketing department. They don’t have the time and inclination to spend thousands of hours each year finding opportunities. That’s our job and we do it well. Just like our residential services, you can organize, quantify, analyze and act with NBA Commercial information.

NBA subscribers range the gamut from subs, suppliers, developers and general contractors to banks, architectural and engineering, security, trash and myriad other companies that understand the necessity for staying plugged into one of the largest and most dynamic construction markets in the country.

For more information or for access to our database of information call us today at (770) 578-0025 and dial ext. 101 to speak to Maxine Arena. Or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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